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USPA Medal E2D

USPA Powerlifting Meet Recap – 3/28/15


My last powerlifting meet was in the USAPL in 2013, and this time around I knew things would be different. The federation would be slightly different (USPA), my strength levels have improved tremendously, and my training blocks prior to the powerlifting meet were drastically different. USPA Powerlifting Meet 3/28/15 My training recently comprised of a lot of eccentric, isometric, and […]

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Baseball Topper

My Favorite Exercise Combinations: Installment 5 – Baseball Edition


One of the perks of my current position is to work with a handful of professional baseball players during their off-season. It’s an awesome mix of laid back chat about what kind of music is best played over the speakers during the first few ping pong matches in the morning, and chirping at each other about their respective seasons. You […]

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Bench Press Tips

My Favorite Exercise Combinations: Installment 4


I like benching, but making sure someone has the requisite mobility before bench pressing is muy importante! If you or someone you know doesn’t have adequate range of motion, or lacks stability within the shoulder joint, there are a few things that you can do to make sure you hit all the correct movements. What Happens During a Bench Press When […]

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