Online Coaching Available

Are you interested in working with me remotely? If so, read on! :)

There is a four step process:

  1. An Online Consultation (phone or video call)
  2. Online Movement Assessment (if necessary)
  3. Delivery of an Exercise Program 
  4. Re-Assessing Progress / Plan

The first step involves covering where you are currently with your physical development, then setting new goals to attain, along with creating a plan that will take you towards that destination.

Ideally, at the very least you’d have these qualities:

  1. Informal understanding of weight training techniques and terminology.
  2. Can commit to 3 months or more (90+ days) of exercise program design.
  3. Have an active gym membership or home gym equipment including a variety of equipment.
  4. A commitment to yourself for making change.

What Do I Receive With Online Coaching?

 Remote coaching will consist of the following:

  • Individual dynamic warm-up based on mobility & stability exercises.
  • Access to private database of a high quality exercise index.
  • Weekly/Monthly program design based on your specific goals.
  • Digital support from a private forum where you can post videos of technique for critique and feedback
  • Weekly Video/Phone Calls to discuss questions and short to long term goals.

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Results are not guaranteed.

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In-Person Coaching (Boston, MA)

Interested in training in-person? Here is a three step process:

  1. An online or phone call consultation (to expedite the training process when we meet in person)
  2. Movement assessment in-person (with appropriate PPE)
  3. Training towards your goals of strength, speed, and power, and/or sports specific skills

What Do I Receive With In-Person Coaching?

Individuals may enjoy in-person coaching more-so than virtual or digital coaching and appointments. With this being said, these are the benefits of in-person coaching:

  • Greater attention to detail in coaching exercises, cueing, and more rapid feedback to deliver greater results
  • Better ability to identify compensatory movement patterns
  • FR and/or PRI modalities to help assist with movement patterning

Please fill out the bottom contact form with the subject In-Person Coaching to make sure I receive your emails.

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