What The Future Will Look Like

Recently there has been a large lack of direction in this blog, namely owing to the fact that I was like a tree in the wind, bending and swaying at whatever direction the wind (people’s expectations and reactions) blew.

I am slowly learning to take advantage of this wind, as opposed to swaying in its every twist and turn…

Generally speaking, the list of fitness and athletic topics is literally endless. I can talk about what foods to avoid if you want to lose fat (hint: it often involves a liquid that starts with ‘b’ and ends with ‘eer’.). I can also talk about what exercises to perform if you want to lose weight as well (hint: it often involves an exercise called table push-aways.).

And with that, I made a decision. I won’t be a generalist, as advice given to me previously from a mentor indicated that this is surely the best way to starve oneself.

So… what will I write about next?

I love all things involving biomechanics, dancing, and lifting.

I love reading about it. I love watching it. I love performing (dance) and lifting.

Now before you all get excited, I’m not talking about Magic Mike type of dancing.

I’m talking about breakdancing.


However, it would be foolish of me to note how much of a great dancer I am now – my competing years are well behind me. But, I still love that community, and I love tribal aspects and primal tenacity involved with dancing. LOVE IT. (Bring me to a house or funk night out in the city and you’ll see what I’m talking about!)

So I’ve decided to help the community of dancers and bboys alike – by providing videos, articles, and tips involving strengthening, injury prevention, and dancing longevity.

Rhetorically speaking, what dancer likes getting hurt because of something he or she could have prevented through the VERY easy task of self-maintenance? 

This will be much more than a video explaining that you need to do 1000 push-ups before doing a planche push-up, or how you need to practice for 8 hours a day in order to help accelerate your progress as a bboy.

I can foresee the future articles and/or videos discussing how certain anatomical and biomechanical movements within the human body may help or hinder a certain movement, and how to improve it if it is lacking.

Further, there will be the various articles and clips on how to improve certain lifts (I will still compete in powerlifting, and I intend on competing in the very very near future.), along with various ways I’ve approached lifts in my own findings or through helping clients and athletes with them.

Long story short, I’m focusing my attention and pouring passion into a specific direction, as opposed to generalizing and losing this focus.


To prevent this post from being self-serving, here are my top resources on fat loss that I often refer to whenever I am stumped on a certain clientele or issue at hand regarding fat loss.

Top Fat Loss Resources

Precision Nutrition’s Blog

The guys over at PN are definitely top notch when it comes to nutritional knowledge. Whether you are looking for information on how to best lean up for any goal, or to develop nutritional gaps in sports performance, please check them out and bookmark this site. (I also subscribe to them on Twitter @insidePN for anything fun they may post!)

Another interesting note is that the articles aren’t just dense words filled with esoteric industry jargon like “in the trenches” or “modified carb backloading on a paleo diet”. It’s simple, and to the point.

Turbulence Training

Craig Ballantyne is a name that has been flying under the radar recently in regards to the fitness industry, but only because he is likewise approaching other ventures in addition to his fitness industry minded business, Turbulence Training as well.

Also, Ballantyne often posts various metabolic type workouts (often bodyweight exercises) that can be done either for the busy professional who finds themselves to be strapped for time, along with a routine to carry with you to your nearby gym.

Also, he is on Twitter posting various motivational tweets at 5 in the morning, so if you are in short supply of any instant motivation before the birds wake, Craig Ballantyne is my go to source for that purpose (follow him @craigballantyne).

These two resources should cover all aspects (in my head) of fat loss: from the motivation needed to get up off your butt, to the exercises and workouts, to the actual science and discussions about the whys, hows, and whats of nutritional fat loss, all of it seems to be covered if you simply bookmark these two sites.


So long story short, expect awesome ninja related topics on things involving biomechanics, strength training, and everything involved with dancing and athletic development for lifting.

To your strength,


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