Calls in a Car with Coaches – A Longer Form Video for Coaches, by Coaches

Hey all,

This is a quick update – whether or not this counts as a podcast, this is a much longer form of content.  It is a < 20 min video on all things sprinting, strength and conditioning, and some secret projects that I have coming up. I’m calling it “Calls in a Car with Coaches”  (which is a riff off of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” by  Jerry Seinfeld).

It is something that I do on the regular – I commute, I do long calls with colleagues I respect across the industry(ies) I find myself working with – now I’m just recording it for your viewing pleasure.

Hope this is enjoyable, and even if it isn’t, hope you learn something out of it!

As  always,

Keep it funky.

Discovery Learning – What, Why, and How Do You Use It?

Coaching can come in many forms, and discovery learning is one method among many.

In the context of retention of a skillset, there are many things that can be encouraged and discovered. The capacity for learning, the retention of said learned skillset, and the ability to recall the same skillset at a specific contextual time and place, will be discussed in this article.

Discovery Learning
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Unlocking Rotational Performance – Boston Seminar (4/10/19)

My thesis of coaching, training, and performance for all humans will always be evolving. With every passing seminar, and every social gathering post-seminar, I feel as if the question of “Will method (x) help my clients get closer towards a higher level of performance?”

Discussing the first foray of athletic jumping technique for Peak Fitness.

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