Musings & Things to Read – 5.26.15

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend went well! I enjoyed some time away with friends, but now I’m anxious to get back into the swing of things.

Here are some interesting readings and infographics on performance, leadership, and my YouTube channel updates!

1. Charlie Weingroff posted this link about teamwork from a medical and sports science point of view, and this has been where my thought process has been going lately in terms of developing a better form of communication for individuals.

The Team Behind the Team: How A Unified Philosophy Ensures Success

The underlying theme here is to check your ego at the door, and understand that as a coach/leader, your needs are not first – it is the athlete’s/clients.

Interestingly enough, if you have players who are more receptive to a type of therapy, use whichever one will have a direct result for improving treatment. In this case, improving outcomes and retention was correlated by using acupuncture for athletes with an Asian descent, while a more traditional [rehab] approach could be utilized for the African players on a soccer team.

2. Yann Le Meur provides infographics for understanding complex ideas very simply. They also have the same for studies and recent research articles. I really enjoyed reading this one on research supporting strength training for runners, even during competition.

Yann Le Meur

Runners – Never Stop Strength Training

This may be correlative evidence towards improving strength qualities for a sport (running) that may not be seen as needing strength. Could the same items be qualified for dancing? I’m of the belief that this is the case.

3. My dance performance video blog has been seeing more views lately, so be sure to keep up with Enhance2DanceTV to stay up to date with the latest info on how to stay healthy and improve performance for dancing.

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