Calls in a Car with Coaches – A Longer Form Video for Coaches, by Coaches

Hey all,

This is a quick update – whether or not this counts as a podcast, this is a much longer form of content.  It is a < 20 min video on all things sprinting, strength and conditioning, and some secret projects that I have coming up. I’m calling it “Calls in a Car with Coaches”  (which is a riff off of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” by  Jerry Seinfeld).

It is something that I do on the regular – I commute, I do long calls with colleagues I respect across the industry(ies) I find myself working with – now I’m just recording it for your viewing pleasure.

Hope this is enjoyable, and even if it isn’t, hope you learn something out of it!

As  always,

Keep it funky.