The Push-Up: Part 2 – Progressions

Alliteration aside, progressing beyond the push-up is something all youth athletes and fitness enthusiasts want to do, yet most haven’t primed their bodies from a physical point of view. I wanted to start doing some REALLY cool stuff as soon as possible.

But, my body simply wasn’t ready. I was competing with breakdancers and gymnasts who have been prepping their bodies for YEARS for this type of overhead activity when I was only 14. So what did I do? I had to learn how to progress the difficulty of the standard push-up without totally flipping over and falling on my head.

In this second portion of the push-up series, I’ll go over the various ways to progress past the initial movement itself.

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The Push-Up: Part 1 – Are You Doing These Common Push-Up Errors?

From when I was young, push-ups were attractive to me for a few reasons:

  1. They are easy to understand – hands on the floor, and push away from the the floor. Done.
  2. It offered quick results – do one more push-up than your previous best attempt, and you were stronger, and had more endurance. Doing rep upon rep of push-ups will definitely boost a young man’s confidence.
  3. It is easy to show off as a young’n – after learning the basics, I began to experiment and play around with the push-up and found out I was pretty decent at them!

However, despite all these awesome reasons why the push-up was the bomb growing up, it is still butchered to this day.

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