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Miguel Aragoncillo 162

Warm-Up – Is It Really Worth It?


Warming up has been something that has been up for debate for quite some time. I’m pretty sure Bruce Lee was always altering his methods for warming up, and even further back we can look at how martial artists warmed up, and if there are is any written history, I’d love to see how gladiators, warriors, etc warmed up. Perhaps the […]

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Charlie Weingroff’s Training = Rehab 2 Seminar [Recap]


There is a decent amount of information here. Further, I’d consider the following to be only a snapshot into what was divulged that weekend, along with being relatively random as it is a composite of my notes, memories, and pictures. This blog post, while pseudo-permanent in nature, is merely my interpretation of the information CW provided, along with the understanding […]

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