Core Exercises You’re Not Doing: Bear Crawls

What You Need to Know:

  1. Neutral spine is promoted. (via a long “line” from the head to the butt.)
  2. In order to crawl with a decent amount of weight, you need to “neutral, brace, breathe” to take a line from physical therapist, Mike Reinold.
  3. No implements to hold, and if the first two points are taken care of, there is limited chance that the upper traps will dominate the movement.
  4. This is possibly the most bad-ass name for an exercise ever.
  5. Locomotion can only be translated (with neutral spine and IAP) via “pulling” with the hands and “pushing” with the knees/feet.
  6. You will feel sore following this exercise. (For those that enjoy chasing the soreness, do this for a large distance at a time with technical proficiency.)

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