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Musings and Things to Read – 7.15.2015


Hope your summer is going along swimmingly! Here are some of my thoughts as many of our college and high school athletes are coming mid-way through their off-season training. Movement Doesn’t Tell The Whole Picture Biomechanical (in)efficiencies do not equate to physiological competency. Just because you move well in isolation outside of your sport, does not mean you have enough […]

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Deadlift Back Posterior View Crop

Improving Communication and Developing Awareness – From Student to Coach


My history in the fitness and strength and conditioning industry is rife with education and internships: Undergraduate degree in Kinesiology Over 1500+ hours of internship time with 4 various private facilities Several continuing education courses from various organizations Multiple speaking engagements; both in-person and online With this time, I have personally seen over 30-40 interns come and go with respect to […]

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