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One Weird Trick – Installment 13: Adjusting Grip Intensity on Cable Exercises


Grip work is something that is talked about quite a lot no matter what circle of athletes you surround yourself with – basketball players need it for ball handling, baseball players for everything they do on the field from swinging to throwing, football players for constantly using their hands, and hockey/field hockey/lacrosse players for the obvious reason that they use […]

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One Weird Trick: Installment 1 – Half Kneeling


You ever see those ads online, talking about trying one weird trick to lose weight, or to gain muscle, or to attain anything instantaneously? I hate those ads, as most things worth sacrificing for involve zero tricks and lots of foundational work. However, I’ve come to the realization that many of the things that I’ve come across in the fitness, […]

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My Favorite Exercise Combinations: Installment 7


Many trainers and coaches follow the thought process that unilateral work is a quality that is necessary for functional transfer. This idea holds true, whether you are simply looking to start running to lose weight, or whether you are aiming to sprint for performance (both exercises that necessitate having one leg in contact with the ground for a given distance). […]

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