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Abdominal Obliquables

Crush Your Ab Training with These 3 Principles


When it comes to executing any exercise properly, attention needs to be paid towards these three things: Tension, Progressions Positioning What happens if we don’t pay attention to tension? There needs to be stiffness in certain areas, while adequate mobility needs to be demonstrated as well. This sounds contradictory in nature, yes, but the ability to express tension while maintaining […]

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The Push-Up: Part 2 – Progressions


Alliteration aside, progressing beyond the push-up is something all youth athletes and fitness enthusiasts want to do, yet most haven’t primed their bodies from a physical point of view. I wanted to start doing some REALLY cool stuff as soon as possible. But, my body simply wasn’t ready. I was competing with breakdancers and gymnasts who have been prepping their […]

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