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Miguel Aragoncillo 162

Warm-Up – Is It Really Worth It?


Warming up has been something that has been up for debate for quite some time. I’m pretty sure Bruce Lee was always altering his methods for warming up, and even further back we can look at how martial artists warmed up, and if there are is any written history, I’d love to see how gladiators, warriors, etc warmed up. Perhaps the […]

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A Systemic Approach Towards Improving Range of Motion


The first part of this quasi-series began by glossing over the broad strokes that a holistic approach would partake with regards to enhancing performance. To dial in towards a specific topic that I have an interest in, I’d like to outline my own thought process towards achieving more range of motion and ultimately a “problem” and “solution” towards why you […]

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Bboy Isiah

How Can I Become More Flexible for Dancing?


As a pre-cursor to the following wall of text, I’ll be forthright and caution against the continuation of traditional static stretching methods for those of you who are flexible naturally. While my justification for the stopping or reduction of static stretching can be viewed in the following links, I believe the methods and research below comprise the most up to […]

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Stretching Myths and Mistakes


As much as I’m interested in stretching and flexibility, I can honestly say I haven’t performed a static stretch in over 3 years – and I’m better for it. As a society, I am under the belief that we overstretch our hamstrings and understretch our glutes and quads. Despite such a juxtaposition, I think people misinterpret what it means to […]

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