Fitness Reads & Updates – 11.11.13

This recent month has been relatively busy for me. Classes are just a bit past their mid-term status, I’m working in multiple locations, and with studying some information from the Postural Restoration Institute and other goodies, I think it is safe to say I know how to keep busy.

On top of all that, I’ve had the blessing to stay busy through online writing along with prepping information for a workshop I’ll be hosting in Philadelphia.

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Time Under Tension

In late October I was asked to provide some input on a time under tension over at You can find out what the deal is with regards to muscle gaining and eccentrically loading the tissue HERE.

Utilizing Jumping Progressions in an Exercise Program

I was asked to provide some awesome input on jumping progressions for my buddy Rich Thaw’s blog Inner Athlete HQ, based in Canada. I gladly obliged, since you know, dunking is one of my lifetime goals, and I’d love to help anyone who is interested in jumping higher. (I believe I estimated that I’d need a 36″+ vertical to get there… in the last 3 months I put 3″ on my current vertical to achieve a lifetime max vertical of 34″. Pretty excited for the future to say the least!)

Workshop for Temple Bboys – Injury Prevention for Bboys & BGirls

The one item I’ve been working on most recently is prepping info for a workshop at my alma mater Temple University for an organization I’ve helped to set up from the get-go. It is awesome to see them grow as an org, seeing as how we started as simply an organization to fight for room space since we started out dancing in the hallways of TU.


This workshop will cover the factors that contribute to an injury, and what you can do to reduce the incidence of injury to keep you dancing longer, and harder. (Hold your jokes please).

The time and date for the workshop is next week, Monday, November 18th 2013 – located at Mitten Hall in Temple University.

Register HERE.

In the meantime…

Keep it funky.