Miguel’s Musings & Things to Read – 8.25.14

This past weekend I had the opportunity to jump on a bus and go to Beantown. It was totally spur of the moment and I felt like I had a great time connecting with all of my Bostonian friends while I was up there. Many thanks to all who I had the chance to spend time with.

My buddy Angel and I take a serious picture while Greg Robins talks about powerlifting!

With this said, here are some things to read to start off your week:

There are many different “camps” of nutritional diets to follow, and John does a great job of detailing the differences and similarities between many of the “fad” diets prevalent today.

Spot reduction is the idea that if you perform a dedicated exercise, you will be able to reduce the fat that is visible in that muscle group. I think Jordan goes over the details in a very conversational tone that will allow anyone to understand the ideas surrounding this myth, so give it a quick read for that info.

This is a great post that details many sentiments that come along with strength training for women. If you or anyone you know has any issues with “getting too muscular”, this is definitely worth the read. As always,

Keep it funky.