Calling All Dancers…

This is a call for all dancers…

… Dancers looking to get stronger that is!

Here is your chance to receive customized programming for increasing muscle mass for the summer, returning from an injury, or increasing performance for your work or hobby.

Practicing upside down selfies before dance practice is a pastime of mine as well.

This pilot dance strength training program can be done while traveling, with minimal equipment (barbells, DBs and bodyweight exercises), but definitely needs access to a gym of some sort in order to be successful.

You will need at the very least some background with exercising. Also not exclusive to dancers only (performers, artists, etc are welcome as well).

If you’re interested, expect the following in an e-mail:

  1. A PDF file containing the Dynamic Warm-Up, and Stretching and Breathing Exercises designed to help you get ready for your session.
  2. Two to three days of strength training aimed at increasing performance and helping towards your craft by utilizing main muscle movers and preventing erroneous technique.
  3. Easy to follow along videos to help with exercise techniques for unfamiliar exercises.

And much more !!

–> If you’re dedicated to your craft, please e-mail
with the subject line STRENGTH TRAINING. <–


As always,

Keep it funky.


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