Human Performance Podcast – Episode 2 (Nutritional Strategies)

I had the opportunity to chat once again with Pat Davidson, and was accompanied this time around with Henry Lau, co-founder of the Human Performance Live Forum, who’s name I am now sharing of the newly appointed Human Performance Podcast.

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Henry Lau shares with us his vision for the Human Performance Live Forum, along with what to expect in the next coming weeks for the next seminar.

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Afterwards, Pat goes on to discuss a little further the nutritional components involved with his most recent article on, found HERE.

Find below timestamps of the topics discussed on the podcast!

Segment 1 – Chatting with Henry Lau, Co-Founder of Human Performance Live Forum

0:55 – Henry Lau, Next Level Athletic Training Center in Rhode Island

1:00 – Henry’s other ventures

2:00 – What is the purpose of HPLF?

4:00 – What can we learn if we were to attend an HPLF seminar?

6:17 – Presenters at the next seminar will be …

8:50 – Where was the last one held?

10:50 – Pat’s Self-Reflexive Locomotion – (YouTube link)

Self-Induced Reflex Locomotion

Human Performance Live Forum 7 – Event Link (non-affiliate)

Segment 2 = Pat’s Take on Nutrition

14:25 – Explain a little bit on it for those that didn’t read the article on

15:00 – Impact of Nutritional Strategies on Your Autonomic Nervous System

17:51 – Exercise is a Sympathetic Induced Phenomenon

18:15 – Evolutionary Timeline of Food

19:45 – Ability to Access Stored Substrates

22:00 – Hunters, Fasting, and Physical Output

25:32 – Eating small meals throughout the day is a fairly abnormal from a historical perspective.

26:50 – Different cycles and patterns throughout our bodies

27:50 – “Turkey is getting a bad rap at Thanksgiving…”

31:35 – “If I train, and I do good, hard work, I’ll spike growth hormone.”

34:00 – “With the chemistry and physiology of nutrition being laid out, how do you believe you can progressively guide a client or athlete with this information?”

35:00 – Sacrifice and Satiety Response

40:00 – Intermittent Fasting and Food Choices

43:10 – If a client or athlete proves to be noncompliant with your information, how can you help them?

45:00 – The Hunger/Crazy Matrix

46:00 – Gary Taubes Book – Why We Get Fat

51:33 – Where in the world is Dr. Pat Davidson?

Books Discussed

Gary Taubes Book (non-affiliate)


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