How to Attack a High Rep Set

On a day to day basis I see many types of people go through their first couple workouts. On one hand we have the “newbie-to-lifting-but-is-amazing-at-sports,” and on the other hand I often encounter the “wants-to-lose-weight-and-has-no-idea-where-to-start” individual. This is fantastic, and I commend these people for having the charisma to step outside of their comfort zone and into something that is completely new and fresh – something that I haven’t done myself in quite some time.

Comfort Zone

One common denominator that aligns these individuals into similar veins of thought involves the kinds of exercises they will be doing. Certainly they will be pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging, and hip hinging with the best of them.

However, what I am referring to more accurately refers on the way those exercises are done. Let me explain.

Often in order to understand something more intricately, you will need lots of repetitions. There is a thought process that “practice makes perfect,” which makes sense because if you don’t do something how will you get better at anything.

So when you’re starting a new exercise program, many times individuals will become frustrated that they are performing so many repetitions of an exercise. Well, there are tons of awesome physiological benefits to outline as to why you are doing something – from tissue remodeling, to muscular hypertrophy, to neuromuscular training, to getting a good sweat in. Whatever the reason, you want to make sure that you are reaping the best qualitative benefit while optimizing your quantitative output as well.

At the very least, this is simply my opinion on how to attack a high repetition set. Watch the video below on how to improve your outcomes when training a new exercise for tons of reps. This doesn’t have to only apply to the back squat, this can also apply to upper body exercises, like the push up, bench press, or even abdominal exercises like a stability ball rollout or a cable chop.

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