The Cypher Files – Part 1 (aka the House Party Protocol)

This is an informal yet formal announcement of a project that I’ve been working on for the better part of several months. Some may have known this as “Unlocking Rotational Power”, others may have known this as other names. Officially, it is called The Cypher Files!

This is a project that involves many weeks and months of free programming for the masses – athletes, non-athletes, and general population alike.

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The real purpose of it came about from many talks with colleagues, co-workers, and industry leaders. This discussion involved presenting solutions to many of the “common” issues that are perhaps, not so common.

To the Marvel geeks in the room:

It originally stemmed from the a common theme in Iron Man 3, where Tony Stark exhibits anxiety from the first Avengers movie’s plot.

Out of his anxiety, came preparation, along with his creativity to come up with solutions to the unknown, and he came up with “The House Party Protocol” which was an amalgamation of many suits that were tasked with several different traits and characteristics that bore resemblance to the original Iron Man suits.

With this spirit, I also went to town, and with that said, I’ve only completed Part 1 out of (?) parts.

The purpose of “The Cypher Files” (aka The House Party Protocol) is to have solutions to just about every problem I will come across from a desirable physical training perspective.

  • The first part of The Cypher Files is targeted at answering the question of, “If you don’t have all of the ideal training equipment, what can you do to train and still get a positive training adaption?”
  • The second part will be aimed at intermediate and advanced trainees and how to increase strength and power, while creating a foundation for the third part…
  • The third part is aimed at improving and increasing speed for sports specific purposes.
  • The fourth part and beyond will speak about musculoskeletal, neurological, and motor learning/control issues that may arise in the training continuum – and to have answers to each problem that may come out of any physical problem, whether acute, chronic, or a neurological oriented issue (especially when it comes to pushing the performance side of motor learning).

Grand vision needs grand action, and this is my hope to set the future (of other coaches, trainers, and practitioners) up for success, to learn from my mistakes, to put myself out there, and to learn what I can as well, from putting out these types of projects out.

With this said, the first part was unofficially announced on my Instagram (follow me there if you haven’t yet!), and this is the official announcement (on the blog!).

The Cypher Files (Part 1)

  • 180 Total Weeks of Programming (over 3.5 years of exercise programs)
  • 5 Different Themes of Bodyweight Programming
    • Options Include:
      1. Bodyweight Only Programs
      2. DBs and Bodyweight Programs
      3. TRX and Bodyweight Programs
      4. KB and Bodyweight Programs
      5. Barbell and Bodyweight Programs
Days 1 and 2 of the Bodyweight Program
  • Each “Theme” has 4x, 3x, and 2x per week options
  • Sprinting and Cardio Circuit options available
Optional athletic movements aiming to improve sprinting, and sprinting as well!
  • Exercise Database included, with over ~500 exercises available

If you’re interested, send me an email at (ma at

If you’ve stuck with me this far into my career, thank you. And if this is your first exposure to my writing and information, welcome to my blog.

Keep it funky.