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Push Up Copy

How to Create An Exercise Routine with ONLY Bodyweight Exercises


Whether you’re unable to make it into the gym, traveling for work, or strapped for cash and don’t have access to equipment, understanding how to incorporate varying bodyweight exercises is a great “default” resource for those choosing an active and healthy lifestyle. Laying the groundwork for a bodyweight oriented program essentially leaves me with these general thoughts whenever someone asks […]

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Treadmill Warm Up

Are You Really Warming Up?


Originally posted on GrassFedLifestyle.com What You Need to Know Performing eight to ten bodyweight exercises before your training session is more productive than warming up using a treadmill or elliptical before exercise. From a movement and biomechanical point of view, a dynamic warm-up will aim to work in three dimensions, vs the singular plane of motion that walking on a […]

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Taking the Path Less Traveled – Episode 2 with Pat Davidson


I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Pat Davidson, and this time around we had a lot more time to discuss stress adaptations, bio-energetics, and of course PRI. Fortunately for you, we definitely went over our 30 minute allotted time slot that I attempted to preserve. Here is the first 3 hour long podcast – Taking the Path Less […]

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The Grey Area of Achieving Success – Late Night Musings (7.20.14)


Within the realm of the fitness and S&C “bubble”, there is a bit of a discrepancy between working out and training. Essentially, it comes down to understanding that with “working out”, there is a temporary and fleeting moment when it comes to using this phrase. While not necessarily feeding into a negative connotation, the term working out is something used […]

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“I’m So Deep in The Hole…” – Late Night Musings (7.18.14)


This is a stream of thought post aimed not only at Tony Gentilcore’s post maybe a few months ago (I’m very good at timing.) but also just towards people’s general thoughts on how far down the rabbit hole we really need to go with regards to the fitness and strength and conditioning industry. While I can’t argue the validity of […]

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Deadlift E2D

Calling All Dancers…


This is a call for all dancers… … Dancers looking to get stronger that is! Here is your chance to receive customized programming for increasing muscle mass for the summer, returning from an injury, or increasing performance for your work or hobby. Practicing upside down selfies before dance practice is a pastime of mine as well. This pilot dance strength […]

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Stack Guide

Examine.com Stack Guides


Whenever I think of the word stacking, I usually think of the phrases pancake stacking, stacking a deck, or playing against a stacked team (because I like to think like the underdog in order to constantly improve myself). However, examine.com is hosting a sale on a stack guides on supplements and nutrition. What is stacking with regards to nutrition and […]

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Online Client Spotlight – LeeAnne


Today I’m excited to share a success story involving a client, good friend, and super smart lady – LeeAnne! She came to me with one simple request – to start with some serious barbell strength training! To be more specific, she wanted to get stronger not only in the big barbell lifts, but also feel better, move better, and to […]

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Endeavor Picture1

So … What Do You Do?


On any given weekend night, for what it is worth, I’m usually trying to “deload” mentally from the week, so I can be found munching on some appetizers and drinks, chatting up old and new friends, and the inevitable question always comes up: New Friend: “So what do you do?” Thinking to Myself: *Gosh, where do I start? I do […]

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Wrist and Arm Care for Dancers


Managing arms is something of a fickle process. Everyone presents with different symptoms, responds differently, and discovers different methods in order to help themselves recover faster. Fortunately for you, I’ve happened to work with several populations that not only need their hand and arms in order to excel athletically, but continually happen to run into “trouble” of sorts due to […]

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