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Magnifying Glass

Clarity and Distractions


Clarity about what matters provides clarity about what does not. -Cal Newport, Deep Work What is clarity, and why is the pursuit of clarity important? In a world full of distraction, noise, bright lights and shiny things, when can you have clarity for your thoughts or your actions? The second definition of clarity, reading the “quality of being easy to […]

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Foundational Coaching: Installment 2 – Medicine Ball Drills


In this series, I’m going to go over some of the basics with respect to how I progress medicine ball drills and how our youth athletes can best represent the idea of improving movement qualities of power and speed. Many times our youth athletes will come in one of three ways: very coordinated, somewhat coordinated, and very uncoordinated. This plays […]

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Biceps Forearms Check AROM Collage

My Favorite Exercise Combinations: Installment 17 – Hands, Wrists, Forearms – Oh My!


I’m continuously fascinated by how much one part of the body that seems so far away from another can affect another body part. In this case, I’m super interested in how a lack of flexibility can affect your hands and wrists! Interestingly, the most I can point to is the concept of relative stiffness from Sahrmann, and regional interdependence in […]

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Miguel Aragoncillo 203

Perspectives of a Dancer Turned Strength Coach


Dancing has painted the way I view many things in life. To the way I longingly look at any shiny floor in any part of the world (there were some dope places in London that I wanted to dance at… but security stopped me from doing so), to the way I choose the songs I casually listen to, to the […]

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One Weird Trick – Installment 12 – Avoiding “The Claw” in the Side Plank


Things to Familiarize With Yourself Before Continuing: 1. Shoulder Kinematics 2. Familiarity with “The Claw” How can you save yourself from the throes of “The Claw?”Humor and jokes aside, one item I’ve noticed over and over in both athletic and general population individuals is a lack of lateral stability, which can present itself proximally, and show up distally or further […]

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One Weird Trick – Installment 11 – Long Term Hip Adaptations


One idea I’d like to identify with is that as strength coaches, and personal trainers, we have the ability to carry out movements that will deliver adaptations in a positive direction. In many movements, sometimes we can get people into the “correct positions,” however the intention is not followed through when the movement is executed. This is even more intrinsic […]

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Foundational Coaching: Installment 1 – The Bird Dog


In this series I will be going over some basic exercise technique, along with introducing different cues to help the following individuals become a little more successful throughout their exercise routine. The first in this series has one of my online coaching clients demonstrating a bird dog. Now, I’m not sure why it’s called a bird dog, but it doesn’t […]

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Matt Damon

What Are You Doubling Down On?


What Are You Double Downing On? Gambling has never been my strong point. Whenever I go to a casino, I usually play it safe by hanging out with friends, watching them play craps, roulette, or going off on my own to the penny slots or quarter slots myself. I’m positive a good chunk of change (read: I’m up about $1200 […]

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Lexy Panterra

One Weird Trick: Installment 10 – Bend Over to the Front, and Touch Your Toes


Have you ever wanted to drop it, drop it, drop it low? (If Lexy Panterra, the twerkmaster featured above, can’t help you, no one can.) If you’ve endlessly tried stretching your hamstrings, getting massages, and nothing works, give this one weird trick a go. If you want the meat and potatoes of a how to touch your toes, check out my […]

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One Arm Push Up

Comparing a Powerlifting Bench Press and One-Arm Push Up


Display of feats of strength is something that I have come to love. Whether in the gym, dance floor, or anywhere really, an impressive feat of strength is that – impressive. It’s always interesting to ask almost everyone who benches anything relatively heavy whether or not they can do one-arm pushups. Nine times out of ten these individuals cannot do […]

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