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The Assessment Experiments: Installment 1


Within the fitness, strength and conditioning industry, and physical therapy realm, there has been a recent surge towards identifying what assessments are, how they can be utilized, and how they can be implemented in a practical manner in order to derive best practice for athletes, clients, and patients. From a logical standpoint, it merely makes sense – understand the standards […]

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So… What Do You Do? – Part 2


So one aspect of moving to a new state, and working at a new job, is making new friends. Fortunately for me, Massachusetts is a hot bed of strength and conditioning, as there are several handfuls of colleges, private schools, and travel teams of baseball, hockey, lacrosse, and many other sports as well. So, if I say I’m a strength […]

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So … What Do You Do?


On any given weekend night, for what it is worth, I’m usually trying to “deload” mentally from the week, so I can be found munching on some appetizers and drinks, chatting up old and new friends, and the inevitable question always comes up: New Friend: “So what do you do?” Thinking to Myself: *Gosh, where do I start? I do […]

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