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Musings & Things That Make You Go, “Hmm…” – 1/21/17


For what it is worth, whenever I see the crowd do one thing, I will often opt to go and do the opposite. Barring running towards danger, this is often how I operate, just reverse engineering things. Do you reflect on your thoughts? Because they become actions eventually. Yes, there is no time like the present, and perfect is the enemy […]

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The Assessment Experiments: Installment 3 – Squats and Saline Solution


The below is approximately a 2700 word article on experiments, structures in your skull, and how to practically apply all this new information. The first portion is the “Too Long, Didn’t Read” version! Enjoy! Note: The below video shows me performing a nasal saline solution that requires pressurized solution into, well, my nose. I show it on the video, so if you […]

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Toe Touch Side Post

Simple Self-Assessments: Toe Touch


So below is essentially everything that I have to say and think about a simple toe touch test. Feel free to bookmark this page, refer back to it over and over, because it probably won’t be super easy to digest right away. But that’s the point. In any case, let this introduction serve as a TL;DR version, as I made […]

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