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One Arm Push Up

Comparing a Powerlifting Bench Press and One-Arm Push Up


Display of feats of strength is something that I have come to love. Whether in the gym, dance floor, or anywhere really, an impressive feat of strength is that – impressive. It’s always interesting to ask almost everyone who benches anything relatively heavy whether or not they can do one-arm pushups. Nine times out of ten these individuals cannot do […]

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Arch Efficiency

One Weird Trick: Installment 9 – Wrapping the Barbell in the Bench Press


The bench press is one lift that has been one big struggle bus for me in recent history. Not until I started working out with a crew of people and started actively troubleshooting my errors did I realize my [several] mistakes. One technical piece of the puzzle that has allowed my bench to skyrocket involves understanding the difference between “wrapping” […]

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Bench Press Tips

My Favorite Exercise Combinations: Installment 4


I like benching, but making sure someone has the requisite mobility before bench pressing is muy importante! If you or someone you know doesn’t have adequate range of motion, or lacks stability within the shoulder joint, there are a few things that you can do to make sure you hit all the correct movements. What Happens During a Bench Press When […]

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