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8 Lessons from Lab Assisting for PRI Courses


In January 2017 I certified and completed my Postural Restoration Institute certification, deemed Postural Restoration Trained. In addition to certifying, I also helped out with approximately 6 courses this year for the Institute: New York City, NY (Postural Respiration) – May 6-7th Boston, MA, Northeastern University – (Myokinematic Restoration)  June 10-11th New Haven, CT, Quinnipiac University – (Postural Respiration) – […]

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Musings & Things That Make You Go, “Hmm…” – 1/21/17


For what it is worth, whenever I see the crowd do one thing, I will often opt to go and do the opposite. Barring running towards danger, this is often how I operate, just reverse engineering things. Do you reflect on your thoughts? Because they become actions eventually. Yes, there is no time like the present, and perfect is the enemy […]

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