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Musings & Things to Watch and Listen To – 7.4.15


Happy 4th of July! Today I want to cover identifying limitations with the toe touch, improving understanding of the handstand, and other items with respect to individual movement qualities. Elite Training Mentorship – Improving the Toe Touch When I take individuals through the movement assessment process, one quality that often goes overlooked is the ability to touch your toes. There […]

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Human Performance Podcast – Episode 1 with Greg Robins


So for better or worse, I and a few others have taken the liberty of going into a more focused and directed path with regards to the medium that is available to us via podcasting. Some will include interviews, others will be focused on education and more modern techniques with regards to movement, strength and conditioning, and fitness. The focus […]

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Taking the Path Less Traveled – Episode 2 with Pat Davidson


I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Pat Davidson, and this time around we had a lot more time to discuss stress adaptations, bio-energetics, and of course PRI. Fortunately for you, we definitely went over our 30 minute allotted time slot that I attempted to preserve. Here is the first 3 hour long podcast – Taking the Path Less […]

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