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Toe Touch Side Post

Simple Self-Assessments: Toe Touch


So below is essentially everything that I have to say and think about a simple toe touch test. Feel free to bookmark this page, refer back to it over and over, because it probably won’t be super easy to digest right away. But that’s the point. In any case, let this introduction serve as a TL;DR version, as I made […]

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A Systemic Approach Towards Improving Range of Motion


The first part of this quasi-series began by glossing over the broad strokes that a holistic approach would partake with regards to enhancing performance. To dial in towards a specific topic that I have an interest in, I’d like to outline my own thought process towards achieving more range of motion and ultimately a “problem” and “solution” towards why you […]

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Observations in Movement Assessments for Dancers


A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to sponsor a table at a dance event (colloquially termed “jams”) Rhythm Spotlight XI that was held by Penn State. During the event, I had the opportunity to perform assessments on a good handful of dancers, and with this being one of the first big jams of the year regionally, I knew […]

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