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Warm-Up – Is It Really Worth It?


Warming up has been something that has been up for debate for quite some time. I’m pretty sure Bruce Lee was always altering his methods for warming up, and even further back we can look at how martial artists warmed up, and if there are is any written history, I’d love to see how gladiators, warriors, etc warmed up. Perhaps the […]

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Treadmill Warm Up

Are You Really Warming Up?


Originally posted on What You Need to Know Performing eight to ten bodyweight exercises before your training session is more productive than warming up using a treadmill or elliptical before exercise. From a movement and biomechanical point of view, a dynamic warm-up will aim to work in three dimensions, vs the singular plane of motion that walking on a […]

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Mobility Exercises to Include in Your Warm-Up – 9.30.13


For starters, welcome to my new site. It is still in construction, but I’d rather welcome you and show you around my new house before I put in all the new furniture and features, so you can come back dazzled again and again. But please, leave your shoes at the front door – the wooden flooring is brand new. So peruse […]

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Mobility and Stability Exercises to Include in Your Warm-Up


If you’ve ever tried to push your big three lifts to the limit (the squat, bench, deadlift), you will have to increase your volume at some point to push past your current weights. An increase in volume with moderate to high intensity (weight) will often leave your upper back, hips, neck, and shoulders feeling restricted due to the increase in […]

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