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WELCOME This blog is for you, the person looking to improve your movement capacity, psychological approach, or improve upon your freedom of movement - whether it is in the gym, on the field, or on the stage.

Check out my blog, where you'll find 100+ posts illustrating solutions to diverse challenges associated with movement problems.

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Improve TODAY

Tell me about your biggest challenges. Let's identify your strengths and weaknesses, and work to improve your overall health.

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My goal is to divulge the hours of clinical work, in-person experience, and personal readings aimed towards helping you move faster, get stronger, and live healthier - so you can begin getting better, today.

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If You’re a Dancer, You Don’t Need to Stretch…


…if you’re already flexible. Now how do you know if you are “flexible”? There are relative measures, such as being able to lick your elbow (I can sort of do it!), touching your toes, and doing really well in yoga class.

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Why Bboys Don’t Need to Run to “Get in Shape”


Before going off on why bboys shouldn’t be running to “get in shape” or condition themselves, here is a very brief synopsis on energy systems and metabolism:

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Mastery of Movement


“How can I master the squat? Or the bench? Listen, all I want to do is put more weight on the bar and get stronger in the process.” I hear you, and there are plenty of ways we can do the above – it just depends on each person’s biomechanics, training level, and previous injury level if any. We could row […]

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